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If you love exotic beaches and Caribbean-like landscapes, Paxos and Antipaxos are a one-way destination! Paxos sits south of Corfu, on the northern side of the Ionian Sea. Oozing a discreet cosmopolitan glamour, due to the many yachts that moor at its port every summer, Paxos is shaping up to be one of the hottest destinations in the Greek islands! 

Paxos is particularly famous for its beaches, which boast a beautiful exotic landscape and have clean emerald waters, ideal for swimming! But also the only three villages on the island are a must-visit: Gaios, Lakka and Logos. These villages are made up of traditional houses, beautiful beachfront promenades and colourful corners, emitting a fairytale-like aura.

Even more gorgeous beaches lie on Antipaxos island, located 3 kilometres to the south of Paxos. It is the smallest of the Ionian Islands, covering an area of 5 square kilometres. Now it is uninhabited and totally unspoiled with absolutely no sign of modern living. The islet of Antipaxos is famous for its beautiful beaches and offers some of the best swimming and snorkelling opportunities in Greece. 

Will you resist the Caribbean-like landscapes of Paxos and Antipaxos?

Enjoy a memorable holiday

on a sailboat in the Ionian Sea

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