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When you look at the map it is impossible not to observe the Ambracian Gulf on the west of Greece, also known as the Gulf of Arta, the Gulf of Actium or Amvrakikos Gulf.  It is bout 40 km long and 15 km wide, one of the largest enclosed gulfs in Greece, and due to its ecological importance is one of the National Parks of the country. 

The Ambracian Gulf, the way it is nowadays, is actually a closed internal sea that is connected with the Ionian Sea through a narrow seaway in Actium. Large and smaller lagoons, lane lands divided by the sea, riverside zones, wet valleys, all form a beautiful and inviting landscape to be visited.

The Ambracian Gulf is the paradise of birds, with many rare and threatened species. Small as well as big fish exists in larger or smaller amounts in the warm and peaceful waters of the gulf, making the ecosystem of the Ambracian one of the richest and most interesting ones in Greece as well as abroad. Don't miss the shrimps – of the most delicious that you have ever tasted!  

Beautiful dolphins have a special place in the Ambracian Gulf. Sea turtles swim leisurely but steadily, being seen very often also in the harbours of the villages in the shores of the gulf. 

The Ambracian Gulf is the suggested itinerary for the skippered day charters offered by DIVI Holiday Charter! It is the perfect destination for a day adventure in the shallow, warm and crystal clear waters of Panagia Beach or a romantic sunset in the gulf. Embark with us in this day charter and experience the magic of the Ambracian Gulf! 

Enjoy a memorable holiday

on a sailboat in the Ionian Sea

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